Commercializing aquaculture production through sustainable technologies and market linkages

The goal is a vibrant and sustainable commercial aquaculture for food safety and security, wealth creation, and improved livelihood through appropriate and innovative technologies across the value chain among the rural poor communities.

The overall objective is to increase productivity, promote appropriate post harvest handling technologies, and create market and information exchange mechanisms for tilapia, catfish and ningu.

Specific objectives

  1. Development, production and distribution of quality seeds and feeds for tilapia, catfish and ningu.
  2. Evaluation and innovation of value addition technologies for post harvest handling of tilapia, catfish and ningu products.
  3. Promotion of marketing outlets and creation of market linkages for tilapia, catfish, and ningu products across the AVC.
  4. To undertake an EIA or EA on the project with a view to identifying environmental impacts, suggesting mitigation measures, formulating both Mitigation Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring and Management Plans in order to guide and/or find out the level of conformity of tilapia, catfish and ningu production systems on mitigating environmental impacts, socioeconomic benefits, and gender parity.

Expected Outputs

  1. Sufficient quantities of quality seed and feed for tilapia, catfish and ningu availed. Sufficient holdings of quality pedigree tilapia, catfish and ningu broodstock at Sagana, Sangoro and designated hatcheries and farms maintained. Adequate genetically improved mono-sex quality fingerlings of tilapia, catfish and ningu made available at designated local hatcheries and farms to supply grow-out farmers. Simple production technologies for reliable and localised seed and feed supply and improved aquaculture profitability designed and adopted. An inventory of feeds ingredients for rearing tilapia, catfish and ningu in different parts of the country formulated. Formulated feeds for different culture systems, species, development stages and regions made affordable and adequate both in quality and quantity of fish feed for competitive and sustainable production.
  2. Diversification of value added products of tilapia, catfish and ningu, minimised cost of packaging and reduced post-harvest wastage, for increased incomes and competitiveness through application of appropriate value addition technologies. The diversified products include fish fingers, fish balls, sausages, crisps, and other innovative products.
  3. A networking system for real time information on markets and supply of products across the tilapia, catfish and ningu value chains to improve efficiency in product availability, delivery and linkage. Fish farmers will be able to obtain real time information on the location of seed producers, prices of seed and feeds, and amounts available. Information on feed will include prices, location, and feedback from farms on performance.
  4. Safe and sustainable aquaculture practices that contribute to socioeconomic benefits and gender parity quantified in aquaculture production across the tilapia, catfish and ningu value chains leading to a healthy environment and sustainable production. The participation of women and youth will be encouraged and the benefits accruing to them from the project quantified to determine their contribution to the sector.

Collaborating Institutions

  1. Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute- Lead Organization
  2. Fisheries Department
  3. Maseno University
  4. International Livestock Research Institute
  5. Aquaculture Association of Kenya
  6. Fish Processors & Exporters Kenya Association - AFIPEK
  7. Crop King Fish Hatchery

Project Duration:      36 months

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