Fish Farming Enterprise Productivity Programme

This project is implemented two thirds of the country. It integrates harnessing of water at the household and institutional levels to upscale aquaculture productivity and encourage production of irrigated crops and livestock keeping around fish ponds.

This fish farming enterprise productivity programme entails the production of fish in a managed environment in marine and fresh water systems for food production and commercial purposes.

The activities under this programme include the construction of fish ponds, construction of hatcheries, production of fingerlings, stocking of the ponds with fingerlings, fish seed and feed production, fish harvesting and marketing, trainings on fish farming and best fish business practices and conservation of the environment.

The primary beneficiaries of the project are the unemployed young Kenyans in the selected households, public institutions (schools, factories, irrigation schemes etc) whereas the secondary beneficiary will be the rest of the household members, consumers and other fish stakeholders.


To produce food, create employment and generate income, particularly for the unemployed young Kenyan’s and the associated households, through sustainable aquaculture enterprises.


To promote sustainable aquaculture production in all high potential areas in the country

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